[Marxism] "For members only" ISO documents now available: when will they ever learn?

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Fri Feb 14 18:54:54 MST 2014

Andrew Pollack:"  b) the right of any individual to know before she speaks
who will and will not hear her words."

This is true and I think any party has the responsibility to protect that
right...but I'm afraid it's not possible. As soon as words are digitised,
filed or uploaded, they can be shared ad infinitum.Even email person to
person is problematical -- esp  between shared computers.

Pleading that 'others' on the left (or even within your own party)  should
respect membership rights isn't gonna work because there's always sure to
be an excuse for outing the material. And not all of that rationale is
dubious -- such as publicising the suppression of  rape allegations in the

Even those who won't on principle repost or share on the material in
respect for the individuals who wrote it -- is just as likely to have read

Is it going public a handicap? I think it is to the extent that you have to
take some care in what you say and how you say it as the 'circle' is no
longer the only listeners. But then you need to realize that what you are
saying may not be so important that your audience is wider than you

Today even old  hard copy 'internal'  documents can be scanned and served
up or retyped for online publication.

The generic problem is that some/many members do not realize this and think
we are still some how protected from outside scrutiny because the
presumption is that  the discourse is 'internal'.

What a misnomer that is.

As for the issue of security -- if you can stay ahead of the machinations
of the state or the bosses -- by all means, go for it. Keep your exchanges
verbal.  But that's a totally different issue from general membership
discussions....where discourse is usually driven by hindsight or
perspectives rather than the minutiae of  planning.

A greater risk is that the bourgeois media will lift a segment out of your
exchanges and use it for fill in some red baiting.So you need to be
considerate of that.

dave riley


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