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is yet another indication of the serious obstacle that the trade union 
bureaucracy presents to potentially successful working class actions to defend 
and advance our interests.

It is of great concern to have to read that 
ostensibly revolutionary socialist organisations are giving cover for the 
betrayals of the bureaucracy.
An even more blatant case in point is the 
dispute of PCS members working on government contracts at Hewlett Packard.

recently posted a link to the article on the PCS Independent Left website 
announcing the launching of the John Pearson Defence Campaign, after my sacking 
by HP for carrying out union Branch secretary duties in furtherance of our fight 
against massive job cuts.

An good explanation of how the PCS bureaucracy has 
betrayed its members at HP is available in this blog :

article on the tubeworkers sell out argues that the SP were "Up to their necks 
in what had transpired". This is even more crystally clearly the case in the PCS 
dispute at HP.

The PCS full time officer for its HP Group is Alan Brown, an 
SP member based at the union's Glasgow office.

It has been Brown's decision 
that the union withdraws its support for me in my fight against dismissal for 
union activities. I was sacked for sending details of forthcoming redundancies 
to union members and for talking to a journalist about the expected impact of 
our strike action last April. Yet Brown in notifying me of the ending of union 
support and the consequent termination of my PCS membership had the audacity to 
accuse me of "acting against the interests of PCS".

HP has once again upped 
the ante this week. The Lytham St Annes site where I worked is to be closed with 
the loss of 800 jobs (half of these being PCS members). These are not 
redundancies - the sacked workers are being replaced by newly recruited staff - 
at sites in Newcastle and Erskine - who will be on far inferior terms in 
relation to pay, pensions and other conditions.

Just as in the case of the 
rail unions, Brown has written to PCS members saying that he will be "in 
dialogue with the company". Then came the bombshell. Work to rule action that 
has been ongoing since the start of the dispute in April and that is focused on 
a type of action that any genuine revolutionary socialist should celebrate - a 
challenge to management prerogatives in the form of a ban on knowledge transfer 
and work migration activities - is being called off by the union's Group 
Executive Committee which Brown leads - because of a threat by HP to mount a 
legal challenge to the 9 months long action.

Not only a revolt by 
rank-and-file union members against the union bureacracy is required but a 
revolt by rank-and-file Socialist Party members against a leadership that has 
not just made peace with the bureaucracy but has merged with the 

In comradeship,
John Pearson 


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