[Marxism] Military Humanitarian Intervention: the Shock Doctrine Applied to Syria

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 15 09:55:35 MST 2014

On 2/15/14 11:27 AM, Allen Ruff wrote:
> A response to Postel and Hashemi's NYT pro-armed intervention piece by
> one of their colleagues...
> http://fpif.org/military-humanitarian-intervention-shock-doctrine-applied-syria/

This is the same Rob Prince who wrote this Baathist bullshit:


The accusation – there was a national campaign to slander her U.S. tour 
– that she is “an agent of Assad” is, in my view, little more than 
mischievous nonsense being spread to undermine popular support of a 
negotiated solution to the Syrian crisis. Her analysis of the Syrian 
situation suggests a reality that hardly appears in the U.S. mainstream 
media, far more nuanced and accurate concerning what is transpiring on 
the ground there. While

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