[Marxism] Military Humanitarian Intervention: the Shock Doctrine Applied to Syria

Allen Ruff alruff at tds.net
Sat Feb 15 14:31:24 MST 2014

So do we dismiss the critique of Postel & Hashemi entirely, or are there 
no legitimate concerns raised regarding their call for armed 
intervention? Might one raise concerns or cautions regarding US-led 
"humanitarian intervention" and R2R without being dubbed a supporter or 
apologist for Assad? (I'm not familiar with this Prince fellow, but 
thought it interesting that he's part of that Korbel Institute out of 
Denver from which Postel and Hashemi emanate.)

On 2/15/14 11:27 AM, Allen Ruff wrote:
A response to Postel and Hashemi's NYT pro-armed intervention piece by
one of their colleagues...


This is the same Rob Prince who wrote this Baathist bullshit:


The accusation ? there was a national campaign to slander her U.S. tour
? that she is ?an agent of Assad? is, in my view, little more than
mischievous nonsense being spread to undermine popular support of a
negotiated solution to the Syrian crisis. Her analysis of the Syrian
situation suggests a reality that hardly appears in the U.S. mainstream
media, far more nuanced and accurate concerning what is transpiring on
the ground there. While

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