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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Feb 16 11:46:29 MST 2014

The decline of the organized left, beset with internecine programmatic 
disputes, reveals both a reduced capacity to build a base and a loss of 
influence beyond its diminished numbers. Advocacy for class independence 
is not a bargaining chip the far left must give up when it regroups, nor 
is cohabitation in bourgeois governments a precondition. It may not be a 
matter of the will of the far left to forge a regrouped or rebooted 
left; it may come down to a matter of necessity with social conditions 
at a tipping point (cf. Syriza in Greece), of the basic survival of the 
broad left. What is certainly clear is that the left must be able to 
accomplish a regroupment in order to inspire confidence in the class. 
The class is mostly to our right, and being tugged even farther. It is 
where we will struggle for the hearts and minds of the builders of a 
just future. But we have little prospect of persuading the class if we 
can’t forge a united left. These are the immediate concurrent tasks for 
the far left everywhere that capital reigns, and is the strategy we must 
continue to employ. The renewal that Godard prescribes for the NPA  is 
not a new strategy. The regroupment that is Syriza, as contradictory and 
unfinished as it is, is not only an electoral formation, but aims to 
build a base and organize a movement at the same time. This is an 
advance that has paid off for the regroupment strategy with an 
astounding poll result to show for it as well. It shows a method for 
growth, experimental and with more questions than answers – but one 
which has inspired the broad left and is for now what stands in the way 
of the ascendant right.

full: http://newpol.org/content/opening-left-door-wide

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