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         I am sorry, I have no intention of belittling the glorious Irish struggle. As a communist and internationalist, I fully support their long drawn struggle. 
My point is only that people in the West are bothered little when it comes to India. My argument is that India with its 1/6 of World's population deserves more attention from Marxmailers. 
My feeling is that an average educated Indian is more well versed with current and past events the world over, but is not the case with Europeans and Americans. In school, we were taught Indian history and along with European, American, Japanese and Chinese history in much detail.
As far as the Bifurcation Bill is concerned, what is humiliating to us, Communists in Andhra Pradesh is that, one of the two CPs, the CPI is fully committed to bifurcation of the state and the other CP, the CPM wants a united state, but does nothing about it.
The same CP had waged an armed struggle against the Nizam, the autocratic ruler of Telangana (then called Hyderabad State) in 1948 and in the 3 years of struggle, nearly 2 thousands of communists ( from both Telanagana and Andhra regions) had died fighting. But sadly, the same CPI wants the state to be divided. What a comedown for the CPI! 
I am a member of CPI for the last 42 years, that is right from my High School days. I am committed to my ideology and am a second generation member of the CPI in my family (my parents were in the CPI). My commitment is to Marxist ideology and I continue to fight with the top leadership of CPI against their support for bifurcation, while working in the Party.
Vijaya KUmar Marla

On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 3:55 AM, Gary MacLennan <gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com> wrote:
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Dear Comrade Vijaya,

I understand your feelings.  My last post received no comment and it came
from my heart.  But I know it was read and sometimes there is nothing to
say but to offer solidarity and that can be done in silence.

I confess that I have generally been remiss in not following Indian
politics nearly as closely as I follow Indian cricket (fanatically!).  But
I was astonished at your complaint about posts on Ireland.  Traditionally
Indian revolutionaries were  very interested in Ireland and Nehru addressed
the Irish parliament in what was seen as a gesture of solidarity.
Somewhere in my library is a booked stamped with "Deannta in Eireann"
[made in Ireland] and it was published during the boycott of English goods
organised by the Irish revolutionary movement, Sinn Fein.  That boycott
movement inspired Indian comrades in the formation of the Swadeshi

Sri Aurobindo, before his mystical vision in prison, knew Sister Nivideta
(nee Margaret Noble in Dungannon, Ireland) the disciple of Vivekananda.
Moreover Aurobindo wrote the following poem about the Irish Leader Parnell

Charles Stewart Parnell


O pale and guiding light, now star unsphered,

Deliverer lately hailed, since by our lords

Most feared, most hated, hated because feared,

Who smot'st them with an edge surpassing swords!

Thou too wert then a child of tragic earth,

Since vainly filled thy luminous doom of birth.

BTW It would  interesting to compare the current agitation with the
opposition to the proposed division of Bengal by Lord Curzon in 1905.



On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 1:15 AM, Marla Vijaya kumar <marlavk at yahoo.com>wrote:

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> Dear Comrades,
>                            I am surprised and also hurt that no one
> responded to the mail I had posted regarding incident in the Indian
> Parliament. The truth is slowly trickling out, that the ruling party
> (congress Party which is running a minority government) and specifically
> the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr Kamal Nath had orchestrated the
> attack on protesting MPs who are opposed to the bifurcation of the Indian
> State of Andhra Pradesh. Please understand that 65 million people of the
> state are fighting against the denial of access to Hyderabad, the only
> source of jobs and income for young people of the state.
> I wonder why so much discussion takes place about small events in US or
> Syria  or Ireland, but no one bothers about India! Perhaps India is not on
> your radars. The fight is for safeguarding their lingustic state (of 85
> million Telugu speaking people) from being broken to pieces by the ruling
> minority party just for electoral gains. We are fighting with our back to
> the wall and the government is all Parliamentary procedures and even the
> Indian constitution. We have no other recourse, but to approach the Supreme
> Court of India.
> Please understand my hurt feelings
> Vijaya Kumar Marla
> It really hurts me!
> Vijaya Kumar
> Original message:
> The ruling Congress Party, the main constituent of United Progressive
> Alliance wanted to introduce a bill for the bifurcation of the state of
> Andhra Pradesh (pop. 85 million) and carve out Telangana State from it,
> with the Capital city of Hyderabad going to it. This has been strongly
> resisted by the people of the other two regions of the state, Coatal Andhra
> and Rayalaseema. 65 million people living in the two regions and the
> Telangana region were agitating against bifurcation as they argue that
> their lives will be adversely affected with the loss of Hyderabad. Almost
> half the population of Telangana are people from the other two regions. The
> movement demanding the carving out of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh is
> spearheaded by a regional fascist party, TRS which began threatening that
> they will kick out the 15 million  Seemandhraites (Coatal Andhra + Rayala
> Seema people) from the new state and will seize their properties.
> The Andhra Pradesh legislative Assembly has majority members from
> Seemandhra region and the Assembly has categorically rejected the Central
> Government's proposal for bifurcation of the state. The resolution of the
> affected State Assembly was ignored by the Center and they had decided to
> introduce the Bifurcation Bill in Parliament with the support of the right
> wing and Hindu Fascist BJP, who also want to carve out Telangana.
> Unprecedented peoples agitation is going on in Seemandhra against
> Bifurcation for the last 6 months.
> The Congress Party headed by Ms. Sonia Gandhi, Italian born wife of the
> late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi thought that she will get a good number of
> parliament seats by going ahead with the bifurcation decision. Telangana
> region has 17 Parliament constituencies and Seemandhra has 25. The chief
> Minister of Andhra Pradesh, also from the Congress Party, Mr Kiran Kumar
> Reddy is against division and is resisting the Central Government on this.
> He is likely to resign from the Congress Party and it is believed that he
> will float a new party and fight his parent organisation in the coming
> elections. Ms. Sonia's Congress Party is sure to end up a big loser in the
> state in Andhra Pradesh state with 42 Parliament seats. In the last
> elections, the ruling Congress Party had bagged 33 of the 42 seats in the
> state. Poll surveys indicate that the ruling Congress will be defeated all
> over India in the coming elections and the opposition BJP may be the gainer.
> The Bifurcation Bill has many constitutional violations and a majority
> members of the Indian Parliament barring the ruling Congress and Main
> opposition BJP are against the bifurcation. In this context, when the
> Government wanted to introduce the bill in Parliament, with support from
> BJP, violent protests were staged by the lawmakers of Seemandhra, cutting
> across party lines. 6 lawmakers of the ruling Congress Party were suspended
> from the Party.
> On 13th Feb, when the government wanted to introduce the Bill, the members
> again trooped into the well of the house, protesting loudly. The Ruling
> Party had deployed some loyal lawmakers to resist them. A melee ensued and
> the protesting Seemandhra law makers were violently attacked. One of the
> lawmakers had used pepper spray to protect himself from the blows. There
> was commotion and pandemonium and the house was vacated. In the commotion,
> the Home Minister announced that the Bill for Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh
> has been introduced, flouting all house rules. This was protested by the
> opposition, including BJP and now BJP is afraid of supporting the Bill,
> which is likely to make them unpopular. The Bill has little prospect of
> getting passed as the ruling coalition is in minority in the house and only
> 4 working days left before the dissolution before next elections.
> Vijaya Kumar marla
> Here is the URL on the Pepper Spary incident:
> http://secure-web.cisco.com/auth=11Zkx54k25irTxjjjhJjiXfoRDj7ag&url=http%3A%2F%2Findianexpress.com%2Farticle%2Findia%2Fpolitics%2Fused-pepper-spray-in-self-defence-mp%2F
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