[Marxism] Marx's Early Writings on Private Property and Alienation.

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Mon Feb 17 19:09:28 MST 2014

It is 170 years this year since Marx - at age 26! - sat down and wrote down his thoughts on private property and alienation in the Paris Manuscripts. It remains a groundbreaking work of incredible theoretical depth and philosophical discovery. For those who have an aversion to "Marxist jargon", Marx sends his posthumous apologies. 

In order to understand Marx - as with any scientific discipline - we really have to learn and become familiar and conversant with what Marx means by the terms he uses if we are to deploy appropriately the conceptions which are articulated in the terms. I am afraid there is no shortcut in this regard. Those who castigate others for using "Marxist jargon" simply use it as a gloss for covering their own superficial acquaintance with Marx's life work. Class, value, profit, mode of production, alienation, estrangement, etc, are, I am afraid, terms with which we must all become acquainted if we are not to be satisfied with a pocket-book, primer "understanding" of Marx. 

If we take the "jargon" out of Marx, we take Marx out of the "jargon". Marx ceases to exist because the words which Marx necessarily uses to articulate his conceptions vanish into thin air. How otherwise do we express the originated and evolved conception of surplus value or alienation without the terms 'surplus value' or 'alienation'? Unless, of course, we wish to turn Marx into a crude, vulgarised, sectarian Mickey Mouse doctrine.
In my opinion, this incredible text is well worth a deep and lengthy study. Take your time. Assimilate it slowly like a fine wine. Here's a link to it at MIA..   

Take it easy  (favourite motto of Engels)
Doubt everything (favourite motto of Marx)


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