[Marxism] Chuck Grimes is dead

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Mon Feb 17 20:38:54 MST 2014

Louis Proyect wrote

He was never on Marxmail but I enjoyed his posts to PEN-L and LBO-talk. 
I guess he was about my age and I never corresponded with him. I was 
under the impression that he worked in a bicycle repair shop or fixed 
wheelchairs, not exactly sure. But almost everything he wrote was 
interesting, and a model for how to contribute to a listserv. Here is a 
post of his plucked out randomly from the PEN-L archives. It is about 
Rachel Kushner, a novelist who had been interviewed on Doug Henwood's 
radio show. Study it and learn how to add value to a list like this:
Just a brief addition to Louis' post:

Chuck Grimes was my client when I was a selective service attorney in 
the 60s and 70s. He was about your age, Lou. Chuck had written a 
conscientious objector application, which was turned down by the 
Berkeley draft board, and after appealing the denial unsuccessfully he 
refused to submit to induction. If I remember correctly he was indicted, 
and that's when I came to know him. I don't think he ever had to serve 
time. I left my practice before we could wind up his case and another 
attorney in our office took over. I remember that he was an intelligent, 
committed guy with a good sense of humor and friendly easy way about 
him. He married Ruth Baker whose father Herbert Baker was a much-admired 
professor of botany at UC Berkeley, who won awards and accolades both as 
a valued teacher and researcher. Chuck mainly through this association 
as I recall became devoted to botanical lore and science generally. I 
never did find out how it happened, but apparently he became disabled 
sometime in the years after our acquaintance. He was a fine addition to 
the world and had a whole lot of integrity. I am sorry to learn he is 
gone so early.

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