[Marxism] ISO Snuff Porn

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 18 15:01:09 MST 2014

Marc, I found your letter so aggressively stupid that I am motivated to 
respond to you on Marxmail where 1500 Marxists worldwide can get a 
chuckle out of your twisted logic. My comments are interspersed.

On 2/18/14 4:47 PM, marc salomon wrote:
> "I attended an evening session of a conference they hosted in 2004,
> mostly in order to hear my old friend and comrade Peter Camejo. It was
> like attending a pep rally with the speakers leading the audience in
> chants as a warm-up for Peter."
> I really appreciate your ISO snuff porn.  And your mention of Peter
> Camejo brought back memories.  Camejo was a cadre of the SWP who
> abandoned that to bring his Trotskyite authoritarianism and manipulation
> into the CA Green Party in the middle of the past decade. Typical of
> leninists, Camejo set about dividing the Green Party into people who
> supported him and Demogreens.

His Trotskyite authoritarianism? Excuse me? By the time he got involved 
with the Greens, Peter had put the SWP and its methodology far behind 
him. In terms of the division, it was people like Medea Benjamin and Ted 
Glick who subverted the Green Party agenda by ramrodding through the 
candidacy of David Cobb in 2004 over that of Ralph Nader who received 
nearly 3 million votes in 2000. Cobb, by comparison, got less than 
120,000. That was exactly what Benjamin and Glick were obviously looking 
for since they had the typical hysterical fear of a Republican victory 
at the polls. It is just this "lesser evil" mentality that brought us 
Barack Obama, a president who is to the right of Richard Nixon.

> For those of us who had ample uniformly poor experiences with
> sectarianism gathered during the anti-apartheid movement in support of
> the ANC, Central American solidarity movements in support of the FSLN,
> FMLN and Guatemalan people and who had worked locally on direct action
> radical movements like ACTUP, Camejo's arrival on the Green scene was
> ominous.  Many of us had seen the Green Party as a break from the tired
> old leftism, and Camejo's presence yanked the Greens back into that swamp.

This strikes me as a crock of shit.

> The divisiveness instigated by Camejo resulted in a kneecapping of the
> Green Party at all levels and its descent into irrelevance, as if the
> attacks by the Democrats were not enough.  The consequences of throwing
> away 20 years of successful non-leninist, anarchistic shoe leather
> organizing onto the bonfire of one narcissistic millionaire's vanity and
> ego have been significant.
> best,
> -marc

You really are a nasty piece of work.

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