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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 18 15:57:26 MST 2014

On 2/18/14 5:33 PM, Jeff Ford wrote:
> I have been reading your musings for a couple of years now and I have to
> say that no one was more pleased that you quit the S.W.P. than the
> S.W.P. itself. One of the cathartic effects of the turn to industry in
> the 70’s was that it sloughed off the accumulation of petit-bourgeois
> types who had gravitated toward the party. Leninist organization shocks
> the petit-bourgeois mind, especially of intellectuals, who most of all
> do not want uneducated workers holding them to account for their ideas.

You are the second fucking idiot who has written me today. In your case, 
it is like finding a really exotic orchid that flourishes on maggots in 
the far reaches of the Amazon rainforest, the kind that a James Bond 
villain cultivates. The SWP is led by two people who lived in a 1800 
square foot loft in the West Village that sold for nearly 2 million 
dollars as reported by the NY Observer. Neither of them have worked at a 
regular job for 50 years at least. Guidestar, a website that reports on 
nonprofits, states that Barnes and Waters each drew $99,950 in 2012 from 
the Anchor Foundation. And you have the unmitigated gall to call me 

> This can be tolerated by the p.b. during periods when what one does
> about a job, or where one lives is of not too much importance to the
> party. Which, of course, was the situation when you, and I, joined. But
> the exodus for you and others really began when the party recognized
> that the world economic crisis would put the industrial working class
> everywhere in the cross hairs of the capitalist class. A party made up
> of petit-bourgeois cadre would be crushed in such a period, as the ISO
> is learning.  At that moment the Leninist side of party life was
> emphasized in new ways for the younger members, and the result was what
> the party wanted, a proletarian party, required a winnowing of the
> petit=bourgeois husk to get to the proletarian kernel of the party. That
> is why the turn was so total. The party would accomplish its goals and
> in the process it would see who had the right stuff to give themselves
> to the proletariat and to become proletarian in outlook. Many did and
> still do. Many also didn’t. What is surprising is your lack of self
> awareness about this. You know well enough that this battle has gone on
> in the Marxist movement since the beginning. Marx versus Proudhon, Marx
> versus Bakunin and Trotsky against your pal Schactman. Why not just come
> out and say I am not made for the proletarian life instead of peddling
> gossip about cults and bureaucracy and so on. Your stance is the
> ridiculous one of ‘I and I alone am the true Marxist. It is the party
> that has betrayed ME.’ Emphasis on the me, me, me. As Socrates is
> purported to have said ‘Know Thyself.’

Congratulations. You are the biggest windbag I have run into since 1985 
when I ran into Hukkalaka Meshabob, the leader of a Hoxhaite sect in 
Jersey City who was notorious for eating his boogers during a lecture on 
Stalin's understanding of dialectical materialism.

> ps. I often like your film criticism.
> Jeff

You would enjoy "Springbreakers". It was made for people like you.

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