[Marxism] ISO Snuff Porn

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 18 16:05:50 MST 2014

On 2/18/14 5:37 PM, Charlie wrote:
> Marc Solomon wrote (about Peter Camejo): "one narcissistic millionaire"
> I knew several progressives who placed their retirement in his hands at
> Progressive Asset Management (yes, when he was there) and lost it. They
> regard Camejo as little more than a swindler in finance, after being
> attracted by his political activity.

In fact I broke with Peter after 1987 when I discovered he was churning 
my account. I only reconciled with him after seeing him taking a major 
responsibility with the Green Party and putting the stock business on 
the back burner. Back in 1981 when I was spending a lot of time with 
Peter getting the North Star organized, he was in a quandary about how 
to start a job when he hadn't worked in nearly 30 years. He tried 
working at the post office briefly but could not handle it. Around that 
time an ex-SWP'er from San Diego had begun to persuade Peter that he 
could make it as a stockbroker. He launched his business using people he 
knew from the SWP as well as rich Venezuelans. The investment business 
is a deeply corrupting business and it had its effect on Peter. In terms 
of his role in the Greens, there was no relationship. The only impact 
that the industry had on his thinking was to see capitalism as far more 
dynamic than it really was. I wrote about that here:


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