[Marxism] LENIN'S TOMB: Hegemony begins in the workplace

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Tue Feb 18 18:31:02 MST 2014

Hegemony begins in the workplace posted by lenin

There's an essay of Gramsci's, on 'Americanism and Fordism', which 
attempts to draw out what is modern and rational in the cocoon of 
batshit pseudo-science and moralism that went by the name of Fordism.

We may think of Fordism as being to do with mass production, high 
productivity and thus relatively high wages, with Taylorist assembly 
line methods being used to break down tasks and speed up completion. 
This is the image that is most current.  But in fact, it is much more 
than that.  Fordism is about the political and ideological domination of 
workers by their employers.  It is about moral regulation and 
demographic rationalisation.  When the boss doesn't just want to know 
what you are doing on the shop floor; when the boss wants to know about 
your family life, your sumptuary propensities, your sexuality, what sort 
of music you listen to - that is Fordism proper.  That is the Fordism of 
northern US industries, but also of southern textile towns.

full: http://www.leninology.com/2014/02/hegemony-begins-in-workplace.html

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