[Marxism] Bullying, psycopaths, and sects

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 16:45:19 MST 2014

I have assiduously avoided reading posts about the ISO's internal
documents, and I didn't read the post about bullying and psychopaths, but I
think the two are probably related.

Small marginal organizations that seem irrelevant to almost everyone have a
hard time attracting people. It doesn't matter what kind of small marginal
organization it is, it could be a group of people who believe in flying
saucers, people who like to cook earthworms with fruit sauces, or people
who believe in socialist revolution. It doesn't matter if the small
organization is right on the money about everything its members believe,
other people will be wary of joining it, or even being seen with its
members, just because it is small and marginal.

The result is that this type of organization tends to attract people who
don't fit in anywhere else. And some of these people are psychopaths and
bullies. And psychopaths and bullies sometimes can bully their way to the
top, and once there, stay there.

This was definitely the case with Gerry Healy the once infamous leader of a
large British Trotskyist sect, and was aprobably true of Jack Barnes, a
large US Trotskyist sect.

And, in my humble opinion, this is a phenomenon that is one of the main
causes for these small organizations to become sects that have no
possibility of ever becoming serious parties.

Once a bully or psychopath who has become the big frog in the pond
challenged, as Healy was, and Barnes was more or less, the organization
explodes. And, this is bound to happen if the organization grows into a
fairly large organization, and is very likely to happen when the
organization stops growing and begins to have problems that belie the
powers of the omniscient and omnipotent psychopathic leader.


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