[Marxism] One woman's complaint about the (dis)organized left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 20 07:52:38 MST 2014

This appeared as a comment under my piece on the staggering ISO:

I’m a non-affiliated left-leaner. This post is a bit off-topic, but I 
haven’t found a proper place for it, so here goes:

Where do you turn in e.g. Washington, DC when you want to meet serious 
and trustworthy people and be in an atmosphere where something besides 
property values and Our Love for the Police are on the agenda?

– The CPUSA? Need I say more?

–Whatever they call it– “Intersectionalism” or whatever–postmodernist 
bullshit, not to be taken seriously. An excuse for petty-bourgeois 
individualist poseurs to pose and exhibit Moral Superiority.

–The Platypus Society–a bad joke only a little funnier than Lyndon 
LaRouche. Yuppie Marxists: narcissistic, paranoid, and repellent.

–The ISO–to be avoided at all costs despite harboring a number of decent 
writers. They are organized and do have meetings one might go to, but 
from all I read, it would be a complete waste of time to go to their 

–Other Trotskyist formations–may write something worth reading, but are 
absolutely not to be trusted politically. (I used to read the World 
Socialist Web site daily, but would not be caught within shouting 
distance of the Socialist Equality Party. They do have chapters in a lot 
of places and claim to have meetings, however tiny.)

–The self-denominated Maoist sects–living nightmares, just like their 
grandmother, the execrable Progressive Labor Party?

–The Democratic Socialists and their kind–a lot of loopy 
transcendentalists who are all hypnotized by their neurotic obsession 
with violence and the need to eschew it before actually doing anything. 
Believe firmly that you can have socialism and a stock market all at the 
same time.

With gentrification, particularly, cities offer no gathering places 
except for the rich, play host to no local publications of merit, and 
offer no easy route to solidarity or organization. If you are neither a 
student nor a member of a university faculty, what choices are there?

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