[Marxism] Jerusalem silent on report Greece blocked Israeli arms shipments to Iran

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Well, that explains why Iran now admits the Holocaust happened...

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> Old love hard to die?
> (Israel supported the Islamic republic with arms during its war with
> Saddam Hussein's Iraq: http://www.theguardian.com/
> world/iran-blog/2014/feb/20/why-cant-iran-and-israel-be-friends)
> Jerusalem silent on report Greece blocked Israeli arms shipments to Iran
> Spare parts for F-4 Phantom jets said despatched by a ghost company near
> Haifa; TV report wonders whether this was some kind of sting operation
> against Iran
> http://www.timesofisrael.com/greece-intercepts-israeli-
> sent-arms-shipments-to-iran/
> By JTA and Times of Israel staff February 17, 2014, 3:11 pm Updated:
> February 17, 2014, 8:36 pm 17
> ATHENS -- Greek authorities intercepted arms shipments apparently sent by
> one or more Israelis and intended for Iran, in violation of international
> sanctions, a Greek newspaper reported.
> Greek officials, working together with the American Homeland Security
> Investigations agency, uncovered two shipments of spare parts for F-4
> Phantom jets in December 2012 and again in April 2013, the Kathimerini
> daily reported over the weekend.
> Israeli officials declined Sunday to comment on the report which, if true,
> would represent the shocking effort by Israelis to supply arms to the
> country's most bitter enemy. Israel's nightly news broadcasts featured the
> story prominently, but highlighted its sensitivity and stressed that they
> were basing their coverage on "foreign reports" rather than original
> coverage that might have been subjected to military censorship.
> The United States was aware of the shipments "in real time," Israel's
> Channel 2 news reported, and was thus able to thwart them. The TV report
> added that "it has to be assumed that Israel knew too, and was updated by
> the United States." Finally, the Channel 2 report suggested that this may
> have been some kind of sting operation against the Iranians, since "it
> could be that whoever did this was not acting against Israel's interest."
> The rival Channel 10 news, by contrast, noted that "there have been cases
> in the past where the lust for money" overcomes the national interest.
> A Greek court ordered the shipments confiscated and transferred to the
> Americans, according to Kathimerini, which claimed to have a copy of the
> investigation report.
> According to the Greek report, the shipment originated in the Israeli town
> of Binyamina-Giv'at Ada and was sent via a Greek company based in Athens.
> Investigators from the drugs and weapons unit of Greece's Financial Crimes
> Squad determined the company was a ghost company, Kathimerini reported.
> The firm was registered by a British national from the northern city of
> Thessaloniki who could not be traced.
> The report did not name the Israeli or Israelis thought to be behind the
> smuggling attempt.
> Read more: Jerusalem silent on report Greece blocked Israeli arms
> shipments to Iran | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/
> greece-intercepts-israeli-sent-arms-shipments-to-iran/#ixzz2tgKiZ0UP
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