[Marxism] New Activist Newsletter

Jack A. Smith jacdon at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 21 08:07:02 MST 2014

02-21-14 Activist Newsletter

1.   Editor’s Note: Obama's Cold War Against Russia

2.   Quotes Of The Month: Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956)

3.   New Killer Weapon For U.S. Navy

4.   New York Limits Solitary Confinement

5.   A Day In The Life Of Palestinians

6.   U.S Fumes As Latin Nations Advance

7.   U.S. Versus Russia In Ukraine

8.   Distorting Russia, Putin, Sochi And Ukraine

9.  The U.S., Russia And Pussy Riot

10. Poll: U.S. Didn’t Achieve War Goals

11. Intl. Women’s Day Rally In Mid-Hudson

12. States Pass 52 Anti-Choice Laws In 2013

13. UN Criticizes Vatican Over Child Abuse

14. Your Internet Is In Real Danger

15. Anti-Drone Protesters Jailed

16. NSA’s Secret Role In Drone Assassinations

17. A Worker Reads History

18. Youth Plan Mass Keystone Xl Protest

19. North Carolina Protest Hits Right Wing

20. Books: Washington’s Gilded Age

21. Books: The Sixth Extinction

22. Tennessee Workers Reject Uaw

23. Polk Awards To Anti-Spying Journalists

24. Fracking & Pipelines Undermine New York

25. Fracking Depletes Water Supplies

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