[Marxism] The contradictions of the Euromaidan uprising in Ukraine | ROAR Magazine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 22 12:24:19 MST 2014

When Yanukovych became president in 2010, he started pushing for 
unpopular neo-liberal steps. The natural gas tariffs were growing; the 
government launched medical reform which will eventually lead to closure 
of many medical institutions and to introducing the universal medical 
insurance instead of the unconditional coverage; they pushed through 
extremely unpopular pension reform (raising pension age for women) 
against the will of more than 90% of population; there was an attempt at 
passing the new Labour Code which would seriously affect workers’ 
rights; the railway is being corporatized; finally, they passed a new 
Tax Code which hit small business. But eventually this assault wasn’t 
very successful, and the government had to back off. The tariffs of 
natural gas, electricity, heating, water are frozen at a level which is 
one of the lowest in Europe and ex-USSR; the Labour Code is buried in 
the parliament; the next stage of the pension reform (introducing 
compulsory pension saving plans instead of the solidarity system) is 
halted. They saw they can’t move on with such low levels of support. But 
still, the welfare of the working classes, as well as the general state 
of the economy leaves much to be desired, and people have all legitimate 
reasons to demand better living standards. Sadly, these grievances are 
dressed in the false consciousness of nationalism.

full: http://roarmag.org/2014/02/euromaidan-protests-ukraine-contradictions/

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