[Marxism] What the Jerusalem Post appeal for defence of Ukranian Jews against fascists in Western Ukraine represents?

Anthony Brain brainanthony816 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 22 16:01:48 MST 2014

The appeal (see article which I have attached) is the beginning of pressure by the Israeli ruling class to pressure the EU and American Imperialists to stop backing certain fascist actions in western Ukraine.  They could use the threat of forming an alliance with the Russian workers' state as a bargainship to pressure the Imperialists to pull back from covertly supporting the fascists..  Israel's Zionism's ruling class's reactionary attacks on the Arabs will in most likelihood continue.  Trotskyists while in certain circumstances forming an anti-Fascist military alliance in Ukraine which could include the Zionists we will continue to criticize Zionism and their reactionary policies against the Arabs and try to break layers of the Jewish working and middle class from Zionism by being the best anti-fascist fighters.  

The western Ukrainian Bureaucracy is in an advanced state of decay and a new Capitalist state is fast being forged within western Ukraine.  What's hold the Stalinist Bureaucrats fighting back against Capitalist restoration is the split and disintegrating western Ukrainian caste imploding under the Imperialist offensive.  The Workers Revolutionary Party in Britain (which I send in next attachment) document in today's Newline how the Imperialists and Capitalists have been organizing a state within a state in the embryonic development of a Capitalist state within what remains of the workers' state in western Ukraine.  The workers' state is on its last legs in western Ukraine and without upheavals of workers or an attack by eastern Ukraine a Capitalist state will be the most likely development. within western Ukraine.

The reason I consider that Eastern Europe except for ex-East Germany (GDR) and Kosovo are still workers' states is that the Capitalists have not totally overthrown what remains of the Stalinist Bureaucratic castes.  Capitalism was restored in ex-East Germany by their absorption into the existing Capitalist West Germany which was completed with German reunification..  By the Serb Bureaucracy capitulating to the Imperialist occupation of Kosovo in June 1999 the force which was defending the workers' state against Imperialist NATO attacks and their Capitalist restorationist allies in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).was replaced by a Capitalist state organized mainly by NATO.  Trotskyists were correct to oppose the crimes of the Serb Stalinists against the Kosovan Albanians who they nationally oppressed.  We would have applied Lenin's policy of uniting all the oppressed against Capitalist restoration by fighting for self-determination. 
 Trotskyists support all struggles by oppressed nationalities against national oppression of Stalinism.  The only time we oppose them is if Imperialism hijacks it for Capitalist restoration.  Under those circumstances the struggle for self-determination as part of the combined revolution for Political Revolution becomes dialectically transforms into its opposite of a battle to replace Stalinist national oppression with worse oppression of Imperialist super-exploitation by them driving Serbian workers' state forces out of Kosovo.

The WRP despite maintaining defence of the workers' states in Russia and eastern Ukraine is a barrier in the way of constructing a Trotskyist cadre.  It is ironic they slander American Trotskyist Joseph Hansen as a Stalinist but without Hansen; Trotsky; and the old American Socialist Workers Party cadre they would not understood now some of the complexities of the workers' states.  By the WRP leadership slandering Hansen is a big obstacle for any regroupment in the future.  On the socially oppressed in Britain the WRP leadership are very right wing calling for abstention rather than voting for gay rights and again calling for abstention rather than correctly voting against more xenophobic Tory MPs ammendments to a Tory immigration bill earlier this year.  A socialist revolution is impossible in Britain without defending social rights of the oppressed.  The next big problem with the WRP leadership is their maxinamist
 sloganizing rather than creatively using the Transitional Method.

A Turkish Trotskyist is circulating a statement on  by the world's Stalinist parties against the fascist attacks in eastern Ukraine.      .   
Now Ukraine's President is in eastern Ukraine the majority of the Bureaucracy will defend their privileges against the Capitalist restorationists.   Workers within Eastern Ukraine are arming to defend their main socio-economic gains in terms of nationalized heavy industries.  This statement by the Stalinist parties could potentially represent the Russian Bureaucracy organizing internationally against the Imperialist offensive to overthrow them.  This could have a dual character.  It could weaken Imperialism but Stalinism might be in a position once Imperialism backs off to sabotage potential to overthrow Capitalism in other countries.  The main tasks of Trotskyists is defence of the eastern Ukranian workers' state against Capitalist restoration.  At the first opportunity Trotskyists fight for Political Revolution to establish workers' democracy.

If Imperialism continues to force the Russian Bureaucracy to organize against them which could lead to an escalation of Cold War tensions and even could lead to a Third World War.  This alongside the fascists being out of control could lead to a big ant-war and anti=fascist movement globally and in Britain to stop Imperialism provoking nuclear suicide.  The basis of any anti-fascist and anti-war movement as a united front is to oppose fascism and any Western interference in Ukraine.  Around these two slogans the whole left can unite a united front despite major theorectical and programmatic differences.  There should be democratic space in any mass campaigning organzing meetings to discuss differnces upto a point but without endangering the unity of the campaign.

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