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      Programmatic declaration of Alexis Tsipras, candidate of the Party
      of the European Left for the presidency of the European Commission

The following document was released 
in January 2014. Alexis Tsipras is also leader of the radical left party 

* * *

By *Alexis Tsipras *

Posted at /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ on February 
21, 2014 -- The Party of the European Left elected me candidate for the 
Presidency of the European Commission, at its fourth congress December 
13-15, 2013, in Madrid.

It is an honour and a mandate. The honour is not only personal. The 
candidacy of the leader of the main opposition in Greece [Syriza] 
symbolises recognition of the sacrifices made by the Greek people. It 
also symbolises solidarity for all the people in Europe's south who are 
suffering the catastrophic social consequences of the Memoranda of 
austerity and recession.

But, more than a candidacy, it is mandate for hope and change in Europe. 
It is a roll call for democracy in which every generation deserves to 
participate, and which every generation is entitled to live. It is a 
struggle for the power to change the everyday life of ordinary people. 
To recall Aneurin Bevan, a genuine social-democrat and political father 
of the British National Health Service, for us power means "the use of 
collective action designed to transform society and so lift all of us 

Full documents at http://links.org.au/node/3719

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