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Mon Feb 24 01:29:26 MST 2014

By *Dick Nichols *

February 24, 2014 – /Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal/ 
<http://links.org.au/node/3726> -- When the 200-plus delegates finally 
voted on the two main documents presented to the fourth congress of the 
Party of the European Left (EL), held on December 13-15, 2013, in 
Madrid, there was a faint murmur of surprise at the degree of support 
received. After all, the EL is a mix of different but related political 
sensibilities, bringing together “anti-capitalist, communist, socialist, 
ecologist, feminist, eco-socialist, republican and other democratic 

Its affiliates embody different national political cultures and are 
based on all sides of the widening north-south and east-west economic 
and social ravines that cross Europe, the European Union and the 
Eurozone. Moreover, it is only 10 years old, created in 2004 in a forced 
march driven by the process of European integration and the need to 
compete with other European “party families”.

This history naturally raises the question as to how real and relevant 
the deliberations of its congresses can be: like all the “European 
parties” the EL is basically an alliance of national parties[ii] and 
popular participation in European politics and elections has to date 
been the lowest for all levels of government.[iii] Therefore, how much 
inclination and energy do its affiliates have to devote to it?

Full article http://links.org.au/node/3726

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