[Marxism] When Edward R. Murrow Visited Sid Caesar's Place | Splitsider

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 03:39:31 MST 2014


This amusing article refers to Sid Caesar's gun fetish:

When asked what he does to relax, Sid offers to show Murrow, but before 
doing so he puts on a big show of asking his wife for permission to 
leave, kisses her hand repeatedly before telling the viewers at home 
that because she's beautiful, "you've got to pay attention." Whether 
this is being played up for the cameras or sincerely how doting a 
husband he was is uncertain, but they remained married for 67 years, so 
he must have done something right. It is at this point that we are 
brought into the gun room. It's a very small room, off of the living 
room, but it's simply packed with rifles, all watched over by a mounted 
deer head hanging from the wall. He briefly tells the story of how he 
shot the deer, the only animal he's ever killed, despite the armory in 
his apartment. He shot the deer, set down his gun and ran over to it, 
and it sprang up and began to run away. He ran back to his gun and shot 
it again, killing it. Then when he put on the deer card to mark it as 
his kill, he misspelled his name, flustered from the experience.


It confirms my experience with Sid spending hours at a firing range:


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