[Marxism] Ukraine can be explained without conspiracy theories

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 08:17:44 MST 2014

It is absurd to suggest (as do some in the conspiracy theory prone, 
pro-Soviet Latin American left) a version of events which reduces the 
protests only to the usual manipulation by the CIA and Western powers. 
It’s absurd because of the size of the protests, which have also 
happened in some eastern Russian speaking cities, as well as in the west 
which is more attracted by the link with Europe as well as the usual 
generic and vacuous appeals to respect human rights (and look at who is 
making these calls!). Neither the United States nor the European Union 
have shown themselves in any great hurry to intervene. The measures 
announced by the extraordinary council of ministers are ridiculously 
ineffective and aimed to kick the problem into the future. Perhaps they 
should have thought about not selling armoured cars, tear gas, 
handcuffs, water cannon and other weapons a lot earlier. And maybe they 
could have thought about offering aid to counter balance Putin’s 
consistent levels of support right from the start of the crisis. The 
dream (and it’s a questionable one from our point of view) of entering 
the EU as a full member wasn’t only blocked by Yanukovich, but also by 
the EU, which isn’t so keen on expanding to include such a large country 
whose agricultural products would be in competition with those of France 
and Germany.


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