[Marxism] Fascist threat in Ukraine?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 12:25:26 MST 2014

Maybe there's something I am not grasping but fascism was a movement 
that arose historically to stave off proletarian revolution. After WWII, 
the possibility of proletarian revolution in Europe has been fairly 
remote except for the events that took place in France in 1968, which 
very likely might have been overstated by revolutionaries at the time. 
There was also Portugal and Italy but in none of these outbreaks did a 
fascist movement of any significance arise. In Italy the "deep state" 
was involved with attacks on the left but it hardly ever went after the 
heavy battalions of labor.

More recently there has been deep polarization and general strikes in 
Greece but Golden Dawn has mostly been about attacking immigrant workers 
as far as I know.

With all the talk about fascism in the Ukraine, I have to ask myself 
what would it be meant to destroy? Has a revolutionary socialist 
movement been emerging in the Ukraine that has somehow escaped my 
attention? Fascism is more than marching around commemorating men who 
collaborated with the Wehrmacht. Or using symbols that look suspiciously 
like the swastika.

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