[Marxism] Ukraine plunges into new uncertainty

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 13:14:50 MST 2014

Others in the street denounced Tymoshenko as venal and incompetent.

One of the few observers for a western audience who differed sharply 
with the European and North American consensus about how wonderful it 
was to have Tymoshenko back in politics was the acerbic Russian-American 
editor Julia Ioffe. In an article published Sunday in the New Republic, 
the New Yorker’s former Moscow correspondent mockingly described 
Tymoshenko as “a Ukrainian speaking Joan of Arc.”

Her speech in the square “sounded like the opening volley of a 
campaign,” Ioffe wrote. “And the crowd wasn’t having any of it.”

The “big difference in perception of Tymoshenko in Ukraine and the West” 
amused Oleksandr Sushko of the Institute of Euro-Atlantic Integration.

“The West sees her as a leader of Ukrainian democracy. That is no longer 
true here,” Sushko said. “There is emotional solidarity with her because 
she was unfairly imprisoned. That makes her a victim, but not a hero.

“The reality,” he said, “is that she did nothing for the revolution and 
always has done everything for herself. We already know that she is not 
someone who can bring about the kind of democratic reforms that are 
required. She was a total failure as prime minister. She did nothing to 
transform the country.”


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