[Marxism] Fascist threat in Ukraine?

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 15:27:02 MST 2014

I don't think the movement at the Maiden is "Fascist". It is, however, lead
by them or at least the militant vanguard is. That 'fascism' itself doesn't
exist now, here, there, or anyway, is wholly irrelevant. Neo-Nazis killing
immigrants in Germany are no less "Fascst" simply because big capital isn't
funding them at the moment. There was virtually no less a threat of workers
revolution in Germany i, say, 1926 didn't make the Nazi's any less
"fascist". The Svoboda movement is *well known as a fascist group* to
everyone on any side of the debate in Kiev. That Fascists take up
nationalist 'democratic' rhetoric is also irrelevant, as are any
'strasserite' leanings. Would anyone consider the openly
anti-Jewish/anti-Gay organization in Russia, the National "Bolshevik" party
anything less than an updated version of a Russian Nazi party?

I think Louis' *scholastic* definition of Fascism is hardly a contribution
to a serious discussion of the players in Ukraine and the entire region. I
don't think "Fascism" is a danger either, but the modern neo-Fascists like
Svoboda should be fought just as hard. It's already a major discussion
among pro-Maiden demonstrators, it shouldn't be dismissed here.

I think the bigger issue that ought to be discussed is the real issue of
the mass of Ukrainian speakers in Ukraine opting for the European Union,
even after the very obvious strangulation of the Greek working class on
orders from the EU as the *price for maintaining their membership in the
Eurozone* and the now *institutionalized* 25% of unemployment of the
Spanish working class. It will be interesting how the pro-EU Euro-left and
Euro-liberals will justify the taking in of Ukraine after making it illegal
for half he country to to use their native Russian as a language; the
banning of opposition political organizations and the continuation of the
authoritarian methods of the previous regime.


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