[Marxism] Interesting comment on my Venezuela article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 16:56:57 MST 2014

(From Jorge)

Hi Louis
I agree overall with your analysis, High Rank Military and Oil Business 
People are well payed and have privileges and that seems a natural 
consequence because those are basically the Institutions that keep this 
government floating, and sure must be corruption. But on the other hand 
I don't think the media inside the country is most pro-government 
because the other none oil business elite and the middle class don't 
like the government and are angry because they're the most affected by 
the currency controls. There is a lot of fox-news-like anti-government 
newspapers left like "el Nacional".

Now, about what you've said about Venezuela just trying to be a big 
Welfare State, well, you're right, that's basically the best thing this 
government did, but i think that they're really trying to build 
socialism, what THEY think socialism is, and that seems rather a obvious 
statement, but are you really sure how a country with the historical 
conditions of Venezuela should go forward to socialism? I am sure many 
people inside the party (which has a lot of divisions, I just read for 
example that the marxist tendency from the PSUV asked for a 
expropriation of industries) asked themselves that questions, looked at 
the conditions and that's the way they come up to. A mess, but wasn't 
the Soviet Union the biggest mess of all?

My point is, that it should be worth putting attention to it and not 
dismissing it so easily as you just said ""21st century socialism” and 
more and more like an institutionalized welfare state"", because at 
least with Chavez, they were trying to go sincerely to socialism by 
peaceful means not as my own country for example, Bolivia or Ecuador, 
which are social-democratic in the classic sense.

 From my point of view, the Venezuelan government never intended to 
abolish private property because that would immediately erode a lot of 
political support from neighbors and the revolution would have turned 
violent, which was something most people didn't want. Same goes for 
closing the bourgeois press, but i agree that was a mistake, they should 
have been tougher with them when they had the chance and enact and a law 
limiting the powers of such Press just like Ecuador did this year (you 
should take a look at the Communication Law that they applied last year, 
something a lot of third world countries could do and it's been 
demonized in the Western Media.)

I would have wished too for a more vigorous Defense of the Left against 
all that awful Propaganda, but well, we'll see what happens.

I found really unfortunate that in Venezuela is a consensus among the 
Left that Assad and Yanukovych are good guys and everything is fault of 
that evil US Empire, even among young ones. Can you please give an 
advice of good blog post from you or some article that could open their 
eyes to some people?, the online news site aporrea.org is the main site 
for columns for chavists of all sorts, and I would like to translate it 
and post it there.

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