[Marxism] Everything you know about Ukraine is wrong | PandoDaily

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 24 17:22:52 MST 2014

 From Mark Ames, the editor of Exiled, an anti-oligarch Russian magazine.

1. The protesters are not “virtuous anti-Putin freedom fighters,” nor 
are they “Nazis and US puppets”

In fact, the people who are protesting or supporting the protesters are 
first and foremost sick of their shitty lives in a shitty country they 
want to make better—a country where their fates are controlled by a tiny 
handful of nihilistic oligarchs and Kremlin overlords, and their 
political frontmen. It’s first and foremost a desire to gain some 
control over their fate. Anger at Kremlin power over Ukraine is not 
necessarily anti-Russian—although the further west you go in Ukraine, 
the more this does become about nationalism, and the further east you 
go—including Crimea and Odessa—the more the politics are a fearful 
reaction against west-Ukraine nationalism.


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