[Marxism] Rest In Peace Harold Ramis

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 22:10:48 MST 2014

      Rest In Peace Harold Ramis

> I never knew Harold Ramis, although we were both members of what we
> latter called the Washington University Liberation Front, the
> relatively small click of leftists at WU in St. Louis, at different
> times.
> I started at WU in 1966-1967 as a double E major, but soon fell in
> with "the wrong crowd" and they set me on the course I'm still on
> almost 50 years latter. Although I didn't know it at the time Harold
> Ramis, who left WU the year before I got there, was also a member of
> this same click.
> In 1970 I was indicted for my leadership in the WU anti-ROTC protests
> and ended up serving 4 months of a one year sentence for unlawful
> assembly in the St. Louis County Jail. It was widely thought that I
> was the first one indicted and jailed because I was a past president
> of the campus SDS chapter, had organized and led a march of thousands
> against the ROTC buildings (one of which was burned down before I went
> to jail, and one that burned down while I was in jail [the FBI
> suspected me for the 1st one, but as we said about the 2nd burning - I
> had an iron-clad alibi]) and because I am Black. This was just weeks
> before Kent State, which lit the fuse on just about every campus in
> the country.*
> *
with pictures  of Harold Ramis the activist.

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