[Marxism] Fascist threat in Ukraine?

Jim Moody jim at wiht.org
Tue Feb 25 01:38:43 MST 2014

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on Tue, 25 Feb 2014 01:33:45 +0200, Sergii Kutnii wrote:
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> As for the reality of fascist threat - yes Svoboda is at least a
> right-wing populist party with strong fascist elements.
> Yes, they can become a serious problem for the left in Ukraine. But
> the possibility of a fascist takeover during the coming years is quite
> low.
> The revolutionary movement is very heterogeneous. It has a liberal
> wing that is not very happy with Svoboda. And Svoboda has largely
> discredited itself during the events. And now it has a very strong
> competitor on the right - the Right sector - a coalition of smaller
> ultra-right organizations that now have parliamentary ambitions as
> well. The rivalry between them has already been quite bitter up to
> violent confrontations on Maidan.
> Also, Svoboda might have drawn the most Western media attention in the
> street but most government positions were occupied by more moderate
> forces.

Presumably using 'revolutionary movement' to designate the largely nationalist movement of various 
reactionary elements is ironic. Scratch a liberal and you find a reactionary, etc.; as with 

What exactly is the strength of 'the left', by which those on this list would understand the 
revolutionary left (e.g. not of the red/brown variety of the CP of the Russian Federation) assuming 
there is one of any note?

Jim Moody (jim at wiht.org) on 25/02/2014
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