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Wed Feb 26 17:04:26 MST 2014

After a bit of a break, we've been busy again getting stuff up on Redline

Don Franks, Yes Virginia:

This is a short parody comparing the lefts never-ending illusions in Labour
with an old dear's belief in Santa Claus

Don also looks at what's going on in the Ukraine:

And Don examines how the two main capitalist parties have a united front
against low-paid workers:

In "Bureaucratic centralism versus democratic centralism", Ben Lewis looks
at how far-left parties purporting to uphold Lenin (eg most of the
Trotskyist organisations) actually run internal regimes more like Stalin's:

Eva Golinger examines the right-wing offensive against the Madura
government in Venezuela, which is continuing in the footsteps of Chavez:

Mike Roberts looks at Waste, bear markets and fictitious capital:
http://rdln.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/7558/  and check out his earlier
article on the world economy at the start of 2014:

While the ANC has been completely hegemonic politically in South Africa,
despite pursuing ruthless neo-liberal policies, unions are finally
beginning to rebel:

There's been a lot of discussion on the left about the role of social media
in protests in recent years.  The Secret Union Organiser looks at Paul
Mason's most recent work von the subject:

Join in the discussion on why there's so little class struggle at present
in NZ (and many other developed capitalist countries), despite years of
attacks on workers' rights:

Plus, for people on the list in Christchurch, New Zealand, check out this
Saturday's workshop on 'Capital and Capitalism - education for


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