[Marxism] MEMO | ISIS & the Assad Regime: From Marriage of Convenience to Partnership

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 11:24:14 MST 2014

Unbeknown to me, on the same day that I published  Man behind the
Curtain for al-Qaeda in Syria is Assad
the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces
<http://syriageneva2.org/?p=242&lang=en>. published this memo, tempting
me to say great minds think alike. The two piece share the same
objective, exposing the close connection between the Assad Regime and
the terrorists it claims to fight. The two piece complement each other,
whereas the NCSROF covers many examples of battlefield collusion that I
was not aware of, my piece goes more into the joint history of the Assad
Regime and the jihadists. The message from both is the same: Don't go
for the Okie Doke. Don't lump in the jihadists with Assad's
revolutionary democratic opposition in the catch-all phrase "the rebels"
and don't fall for the claim that the fascist Assad Regime must be
preserved to protect us from the terrorists.

The NCSROF issued their statement as a PDF, which I think limits its
accessibility, so I have translated it to HTML and posted it on my blog,
therefore I also offer it as an example of another way one can support
the struggle of the Syrian people even from Venice Beach.

      MEMO | ISIS & the Assad Regime: From Marriage of Convenience to

In a related matter, related in the sense that a people fighting for
democracy are facing the military force from the Russian imperialism,
this tweet has been making the rounds:

Imagine the howls from the "non-interventionists" if NATO was amassing
troops on #Ukraine's border. Now hear the silence.

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