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On 02/27/2014 11:21 AM, Louis Proyect wrote:
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> By Marilyn Vogt-Downey, the SWP's expert Sovietologist back in the day.
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/02/27/wither-ukraine/
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I can't read this stuff. It is so long winded as cover for it tricks of
writing and logic. For example, in service of its basic premise that
once again, this is not a popular revolution but just another
imperialist orchestrated counter-revolutionary "regime change", and the
people in the streets are its puppets or worst, it makes the provocative
> This counterrevoloutionary attempt is not being carried out by a
> military invasion or heavy weaponry--although surely some of the
> roughnecks in ski masks wielding weapons throughout Western Ukraine,
> occupying and destroying buildings, throwing molotov cocktails, and
> setting fires were paid agents of the imperialist powers. **
So I scroll down to see what source backs up this claim of imperialist
agents in the crowd. That's when I find out how long this piece is and
realize that if I try to finish it, I will miss happy hour at the
Waterfront. For my troubles I find this:
> **Anyone who has attended a peaceful protest knows to beware of masked
> individuals who break from the crowd and begin breaking windows,
> setting fires, attacking police, etc. all of which only serve to
> provoke police attacks, transforming the character of the action, and
> endangering protesters.
> Such persons are usually suspected of being provocateurs.
> The success of this project, and similar recent projects show that
> imperialist domination no longer requires "traditional armies.
There is absolutely no proof or even concrete allegation there. There is
no there there. You aren't suppose to check it, just see it as you read
and assume a footnote that backs up the allegation with something other
than more conjecture. It's a fake out! There is no intellectual honesty
there. That is why I find I have less and less time for stuff like this
Counterpunch crap.

Now I think I'll go get a beer.


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