[Marxism] From a Notebook on Dialectics

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Each moment of change, each instance of movement, is an identity of emerging and vanishing determinations.  These determinations are only distinct from each other and move in opposition to each other because they exist in a relationship of identity or unity with each other.  Conflict arises out of the identity or unity of opposites. Any conflict in a given formation constitutes a source of development of the whole formation.

Taken in its movement, any object is a unity of arising and vanishing moments: a movement that identifies a passage from existence to non-existence with a passage from non-existence to existence. Thus in-itself every point of time is the relation of past and future (Hegel)

Every something, in its movement, is a synthesis of that which is coming into being and that which is passing away. The appearance of new determinations in the life of the 'something' is inextricably connected to the disappearance of other determinations. In their relation with each other, these determinations exist in conflict with each other.  It is this conflict which animates the movement of the 'something' as a whole.  
The movement from existence to non-existence is a passing away.  The movement from non-existence to existence is an arising.  Any moment of change is a unity of these opposed movements i.e. each moment of change in anything unites within itself these opposed movements.  That which is coming into being is identified with that which is passing away and vice versa.  However, at the same time, these movements are mutually distinct from, and opposed to, each other.

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