[Marxism] The political crisis in Venezuela (2nd statement of the LTS) Feb 20

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Fri Feb 28 07:26:27 MST 2014


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political crisis in Venezuela
[image: The political crisis in Venezuela]

February 20, 2014 | The right wing takes a step forward, taking advantage
of the worsening of the economic crisis and the government's "inability."
Only struggle and the mobilized strength of the workers can prevent a more
reactionary course of the situation.

As we explained in our first political declaration, the government has
shown itself unable to solve the economic situation, a prisoner of its very
own contradictions, while the crisis worsens to the rhythm of the social
dissatisfaction. In this context, a more "radicalized" group of the right
wing has put itself more in front, at the same time, emphasizing a division
in the Committee of Democratic Unity (MUD). The group that had been the
majority leadership of the opposition, represented by Capriles Radonski,
found itself upset after the defeat in the December municipal elections and
after having wanted to turn them into a plebiscite against Maduro as
revenge for the presidential election that, as they said, "cheated" them in
April. The "hard wing," headed by Leopoldo López and María Corina Machado,
as more visible faces, states that the December election defeat would be a
clear proof of the failure of the "soft line" in the opposition,
maintaining that it had to stay in the streets after the April 14
presidential election and, as a more "decisive" element, they show the
positive response of Capriles and the leadership of the MUD to the
"national dialogue" that the government set up. "Capriles and the MUD are
collaborators with the government, and they are not responding at the level
that the crisis and the social dissatisfaction demand," the approach could
be summed up in that way, and they are putting themselves forward as a
national alternative.

*The reactionary content of the mobilizations*

As we have explained, the more "radical" group of those who oppose the
government on the right, outlined an agenda for itself, to modify the
correlation of forces within the opposition front, to mark a dynamic of the
national situation more to the right and weaken Maduro's government by
seeking to proceed to bigger offensives. The repression to which they have
been subjected, which leads them to demand the legitimate democratic right
to demonstrate, does not, however, nullify the reactionary character of
this movement. In the context of the national economic crisis - which does
not end up by getting untangled, between what Maduro's government and the
corporate sector, with its load of accumulated social dissatisfaction,
proposes, - Leopoldo López (Voluntad Popular), María Corina Machado,
Antonio Ledezma & Co. are pressing for a "solution" completely subordinated
to the corporate interests and imperialism, much more than the government
already permits and offers, since they are frothing at the mouth and
insistent on "Maduro's departure."...

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