[Marxism] [Pen-l] Prediction: Ukraine's love affair with the West will be short-lived

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Fri Feb 28 09:00:24 MST 2014

On 02/28/2014 04:49 AM, William Cockshott wrote:
> http://openukraine.org/en/about/partners
> This guy, Arseniy Yatseniuk, was appointed president just today and
> here is the link to his personally founded 'foundation' and its list
> of parteners.    Note that they include Nato and The US State
> Department among others of such ilk.

The same could be said about Timoshenko and all post-1991 liberal
parties.  As in across Eastern Europe, they were all directly funded by
various US and EU foreign aid agencies (and the George Soros Foundation).

The mass protests were real, and in many cases not nationalist, but
economist (to use that old phrase).  People just want a better life,
wages to get paid on time, etc.  Many still imagine the West as
combining the best features of what they had under the USSR, with
Hollywood presentations of capitalist Nirvana.  But it is true that the
masses of people went to the Maidan on their volition following real

At the same time, this was clearly exploited successfully by the
well-organized and prepared bourgeois parties, who rode the energy and
anger to power.

Now that they are in power, the "partners" from the West will do all
they can to establish hegemony in the new Ukrainian power bloc.  Not a
conspiracy, but smart politics on their part, in my opinion.

But there is a silver lining - the mass movement has established habits
of resistance ( as in Egypt I imagine, and Syria - even if the
revolution loses the fight).  And a leftist mass movement can emerge out
of such political habits.

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