[Marxism] [Pen-l] Prediction: Ukraine's love affair with the West will be short-lived

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 28 09:12:58 MST 2014

One thing that I have trouble figuring out is whether Ukraine is in 
danger of a Hitlerite takeover or an EU compliant neoliberal regime. 
Sometimes you get the impression that there is an EU/Fascist movement, 
which makes no sense at all. If the population of the Western Ukraine is 
a bunch of mouth-breathing, EU-worshipping, knuckle-dragging pigs--the 
portrait that people like William Cockshott would have us believe--why 
is there any need for stormtroopers? It is like breaking down an open 
door. Fascism historically was used to break the back of the organized 
industrial working class but in the Ukraine you find it in the east, not 
the west. Are the fascist gangs going to cross over to the east and 
smash the workers movement? A movement that does not appear to exist? 
What is missing in all the accounts I have read from the pro-Putin left 
is a Marxist analysis of the sort found in Daniel Guerin's "Fascism and 
Big Business".

If Ukraine is about to undergo a Greek-style austerity program, that 
will direct anger at the government, not at the Kremlin. Will the 
fascists use violence against the protests that will surely emerge, just 
as Golden Dawn does in Greece? Call me old-fashioned but I think that 
imposing austerity will force Ukrainians to seek a permanent solution to 
their woes. That's something nationalism has no answer for.

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