[Marxism] [Pen-l] Prediction: Ukraine's love affair with the West will be short-lived

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 10:13:37 MST 2014

The speculations in this thread about popular reaction to coming austerity
reinforce the importance of making contact now with Ukrainian leftists.

One particularly good site to follow their doings is:

... which also covers Bosnia and other flashpoints.

Odds are in the course of making connections we'll also meet some young
Ukrainians (and, again, Bosnians etc.) in the US (and Western Europe etc.)
willing to help do solidarity. For those of you familiar with New York's
reactionary Ukrainian mainstream organizations, don't laugh; after all
there's a very vibrant Greek Left coalition here which arose and flourishes
despite similarly conservative mainstream Greek NY politics. (Same for
Egyptians, Turks and others here.)

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> > If Ukraine is about to undergo a Greek-style austerity program, that
> > will direct anger at the government, not at the Kremlin. Will the
> > fascists use violence against the protests that will surely emerge, just
> > as Golden Dawn does in Greece? Call me old-fashioned but I think that
> > imposing austerity will force Ukrainians to seek a permanent solution to
> > their woes. That's something nationalism has no answer for.
> And austerity is definitely going to be imposed, if judged by the
> repeated pronouncements of the new government, EU, US and IMF officials.
> I think the scenario you've outlined is highly probable, the details
> surely to emerge as those struggles begin.
> The cynical side of me thinks that stormtroopers exist today to pre-empt
> large scale organized leftist mobilizations.  As those develop, the
> street thugs will be deployed to smash them, which of course can work,
> or not.
> And increased proliferation of ultra-nationalist movements across the
> EU, something which is happening publicly, is also not an accident.  As
> we know now, Operation Gladio was a reality, and the crux of that kind
> of "preventative" anti-leftist strategic thinking must still be going on
> in Brussels and Washington in some way influencing policy.
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