[Marxism] From a Notebook on Dialectics

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Fri Feb 28 15:28:25 MST 2014

I mean by abstract theoretical; not applied in a concrete manner. But 
whether or not we pause to deal with my parenthetical phrase - which I 
have no objection to and might learn from - let me put it to you without 
the word "abstractly", like this:

To paraphrase, please use that conception of the dialectic in a 
completed practical problem; say for instance, a socialist approach to 
the conflict in the Ukraine and the IMF in the appropriate economic and 
social context. Anything such as that would do, anyplace where one feels 
one has sufficient knowledge of the variables, but how is such a 
description/elaboration of dialectical thought, however useful in 
perceiving the world in motion, practicable in action is my question. I 
would like to see it performed, credibly and clearly, in a contemporary 
context. I can't be the only one here for whom that's a problem, 
although presumably it was not a problem for Marx.

shaun may wrote

Ralph Johansen wrote :

"perceiving abstractly the world in motion"

Explain to the list what you mean by the word "abstractly" in this bit.

Then that will form a point of departure for any discussion. I sense 
that we have a different conception of the term. No point in discussion 
if there is a dichotomy in what the term actually means.



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