[Marxism] Cyber-libertarianism and the digital deletion of the left

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Also if you are going to start writing people off because they have the
wrong ideas about communism, when you have done nothing to educate them,
you are not a revolutionary.

Do you think ESR just made up the idea that in a "communist state" not
going along or protesting the system could get you shot in the back of the
head? Has that ever happened in countries that call themselves communist?
Or maybe he is just a victim of capitalist propaganda? ESR if mainly a
hacker and his political ideas aren't well developed even if he thinks they

Just take a survey of what the average American worker thinks of communism.
You'll have to put most in the same category as ESR, they think communism
is bad. Now you can write off the whole working class, not just the OSS
techies who voted against the RMS, keep it "pure" and in the lab approach.

Your's is not a policy for revolutionary victory.

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> My favorite part of RevolutionOS is Eric Raymond -- the gun toting
> "anarcho-capitalist" who would shoot you for taking his "property" --
> claiming that communism is a bullet in the back of your head for not
> sharing:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69ZyX5sN2NA
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