[Marxism] What's in a name? Linux vs. Stallman's GNU/Linux

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 18:58:20 MST 2014

> The tradition of employers looking employees with prior experience is
> much older than computers, much less OSS. While there maybe positions
> available that require no prior experience or education, they are
> typically harder to find and pay less. Therefore there is a long
> traditions of workers gaining such prior experience, typically through
> an apprenticeship or internship which is labor donated directly to the
> capitalist in order to get a job. The OSS gives programmers and
> developers the opportunity to donate their labor to a social project
> that is also likely to increase there chance of getting a job, and if
> the job is one where the employer holds their OSS experience in high
> regard, it is most likely they will be hired, and paid, to continue to
> contribute to this social pool of labor product. 

I don't have time to reply to everything but this part I found the most
troublesome so far.

Most programming jobs do not include contributing to free software. It
is instead a privilege available to those of us who are both lucky
enough to have some of our work being released as free software and
having the time/resources outside of work to contribute.

Relying on someones contributions to free and open source software is a
problem with diversifying hires in Silicon Valley. 

And beyond the issue of time/resources that many don't have, it also
means "working" even outside of work. Companies in SV are looking for
24/7 employees. And the majority done during work hours is not given

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