[Marxism] The Islamist Enemy of Our Islamist Enemy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 1 19:52:15 MST 2014

The experience of being exiled from his own country by foreign Jihadists 
has left Abu Muhannad as livid at ISIS as he is at the Syrian regime.

"They have these disgusting, smelly beards. They won't even comb their 
hair. If I knew the revolution would bring them here, I swear I would 
never have participated in it," he said. "Did I rebel against the regime 
to end up in hiding? And who am I running away from? Chechens? European 
fanatics? Who are those people? They have overstayed their welcome."

With the Supreme Military Council, the Turkey-based military opposition 
body, failing to secure significant funding for the Free Syrian Army, 
the mainstream rebel group has been growing weaker by the day.

Abu Muhannad, like many disillusioned fighters, is now placing his bet 
on the new Islamic Front. The new alliance was announced in November, 
and has become the largest rebel force in Syria by merging together 
seven influential Islamist groups, including the Salafist Ahrar al-Sham 
brigade; the Army of Islam, which is prominent in the Damascus suburbs; 
and the Aleppo-based Al-Tawheed brigade. Abu Muhannad says its leaders 
have been household names since the beginning of the uprising, and its 
fighters were brothers-in-arms when the FSA was still a fledgling 
enterprise. The group notably excludes al Qaeda's two affiliates in 
Syria, and may be an attempt by one of the rebels' primary patrons, 
Saudi Arabia, to check the influence of ISIS.


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