[Marxism] Will Boeing Workers Nix Givebacks in Forced Re-vote? | Labor Notes

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 21:02:27 MST 2014

A few days ago I joined the FB page Jon links to and it's got great stuff.

I've been  agitating informally for folks to organize solidarity. Some good
ideas at at the end of the Labor Fightback Network's article, but no
specific targets, addresses to blast, model resolution, etc.:

When the contract is voted down they're going to face a mammoth attack, we
really need to get moving on support.

PS: Although in some ways this is ancient history, I have to mention in
passing that I've hated Buffenbarger ever since he gave that bloodthirsty
speech after 9/11 literally demanding death and destruction for the Middle
East. It was particularly shocking as I had been an IAM member when William
Winpisinger was President.

Andy P.

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> http://labornotes.org/2013/12/will-boeing-workers-nix-
> givebacks-forced-re-vote
> An article by Jim Leavitt. I knew Leavitt back in 1978 when I was in the
> Kansas City branch of the SWP trying to "make the turn" to industry. This
> meant taking courses in lathe and milling machine at a high school in the
> evenings. When I got done with the classes, I was going out to find an
> entry level job as a machinist. At the time, Leavitt was a skilled
> machinist. At a branch meeting in November, the organizer told us that the
> SWP was discouraging people from taking jobs as machinists or any other
> skilled jobs because they separated us from the more oppressed workers in
> garment, meatpacking, etc. That was all I needed to convince me to resign.
> Leavitt stuck around for another few years and then quit. He did, however,
> stay in industry for the next 20 years and is obviously in a good position
> to give the benefit of his experience to co-workers involved in a major
> struggle at Boeing where he has been working ever since leaving Kansas
> City. Like Carl Finamore and Jon Flanders, he is a member of the largest
> group on the left in the USA: ex-SWPer's.
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