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On 1/2/2014 4:39 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:
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Another problem:

> This is not to say that the teaching only goes one way. The ongoing 
> social movements have produced and will produce in the years to come 
> innovative knowledge and political knowhow. One striking example is 
> the question of "gratuity" – the claim for free access to public 
> services, such as parks in Turkey or public transportation in Brazil, 
> has been central to these movements. Yet there exists no serious 
> theory of gratuity in critical theories today, which would provide a 
> history of this demand, or analyse its anti-capitalist potential.

There's actually a huge literature on state services commodification and 
decommodification movements. It's mostly Polanyian with recent moves 
towards "commoning," and maybe needs more formal "serious critical 
theory" - but you find in virtually all the major Marxist accounts of 
contemporary neoliberalism some reference to these struggles as 
indicative of what is at stake in the world today.

But the sentiment of this paragraph - emphasising conflict-seeking 
research and the production of knowledge by activists - is excellent. 
It's certainly what inspires us in Durban.

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