[Marxism] Confronting the Stalinist Legacy

Sebastian Clare sebthegooner at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 14:37:16 MST 2014

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It is interesting to note that it seems many in Russia who either yearn for
the 'old days' or are otherwise Leftist in ideology revere Stalin and some
would even rather have more disdain for Lenin. Presumably this is based
upon the success of the Cult of Personality around Stalin and the criticism
of Lenin which would have run through the education system up until 1991 at
least. I say this on the basis of the experiences of friends & comrades who
have visited Russia, and first-hand from some Russians over there.

Have my friends' experiences and my own with certain Russia Leftists been
misrepresentative? I really hope that is the case. There are, of course,
Stalinists all over the place, but my limited research does seem to
indicate that their are far more, both numerically and proportionally, in
Russia than anywhere else. How can this be, when it was they who he was so
heartlessly murdering?


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