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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 3 08:18:43 MST 2014

Andrew Murray, a leading advisor to Len McCluskey (Unite general 
secretary) and a Morning Star supporter, has published a twenty page 
article in this year’s Socialist Register criticising the choice we have 
made in developing the Left Unity  project, as a political alternative 
to the Labour Party (LP).

Murray spoke at the recent Historical Materialism conference on the same 
theme, and with the same vehemence against groups like Socialist 
Resistance who are involved. In May the Left Unity website published a 
similar article written by Michael Ford which was pseudonym used by 
Murray – the reason being, he said, “to avoid the union, Unite, which I 
serve as Chief of Staff, being dragged into any public controversy on 
the issue at the time”.

If we are to build a broad left party then we must debate with currents 
who still believe we may be able to reclaim (or split) Labour for the 
left through working with his union, Unite, the GMB and others alongside 
campaigns like the People’s Assembly. For him projecting political and 
organisational alternatives today is a waste of effort and doomed to 
failure. Although I think he exaggerates their strength – particularly 
in organised terms – many activists in the unions and Labour party still 
support his position. We need to work alongside them in common action 
while patiently discussing with them how to build a political 
alternative to Miliband.

full: http://leftunity.org/left-unity-can-build-an-alternative-to-labour/

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