[Marxism] back to taking power?

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 08:39:39 MST 2014

In my previous email I said of Mario Candeias's new article in The Bullet:
"Note also his belief that the level of anger and potential for
mobilization in Europe, especially the southern tier, is still high (more
on that later)."

At the ESSF site there is an article by Denis Godard, an IST member of the
NPA, recommending the latter develop a strategy to link its movement and
electoral work, and to have each inform the other. He believes this is
possible and necessary because of a similar assessment of the state of
working-class consciousness as that of Candeias. (An assessment I share,
and which has been driving me nuts in recent years as I view the lack of
strategies on offer to seize opportunities flowing from that consciousness
and state of mobilization.)

In contrast, Warren Davis of Solidarity in the US responds to Godard with a
diametrically opposite assessment of consciousness on the Continent and of
the potential for organizing and for taking new initiatives. Warren's a
great guy, but this is Solidarity's mantra in so many circumstances.

Warren's article is at this link, and Godard's article is linked in the
first footnote:

Andy P.

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