[Marxism] There Is No Academic “Profession” | A Post-Academic in NYC

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jan 3 08:41:34 MST 2014

Again, there are 1.5 million college teachers in the United States, and 
1 million of them are contingent. How is the word “profession” a 
relevant or useful term in light of that reality? Why should any of us 
pay attention to “advice” from someone who nurtures such a fantasy? What 
is stoking the rage of adjuncts and graduate students is not the ability 
to lob 140 character rage bombs into the ether. Rather, it’s that people 
like Tenured Radical still get to frame the operative questions, even 
thought they don’t know much about the reality on the ground because 
they don’t have to know.


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