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Here's another clue as to why "open source software" succeed to do what
RMS's "free software" didn't.

>From the home page of ESR's website:

> If you're looking for the Halloween Documents, they're here<http://www.catb.org/esr/halloween/>.
> Having studied the history of other advocacy organizations, I specifically
> designed OSI not to be a founder-centered cult of personality; I think
> OSI's decision to move them off the OSI website was a mistake, but our
> community is healthier because they had the power to make that mistake.

As to why he is "gun totting" you might want to read:

Why I Am An Anarchist <http://www.catb.org/esr/writings/anarchist.html>

The Founding Fathers of the United States thought they had found a way to
> successfully head off the degeneration of governments into pathological
> monstrosities: ensure that the people remain armed, and teach them that it
> is part of their duty as free citizens to check the arrogance of government
> — by threat of armed revolt or by actual revolution, if need be. Thomas
> Jefferson would have asked why the Jews and Gypsies of Germany allowed
> themselves to be disarmed by Nazi gun-confiscation laws without rising in
> revolt — and, more pointedly, why the soi-disant civilized nations of the
> world did not see the confiscation of civilian weapons as a sure harbinger
> of the Holocaust to come.
> But, in the event, they were disarmed, and thus they had no recourse when
> the stormtroopers came to put them on the death trains. The fatal
> instability of constitutional democracy killed over twelve million people.
> And I see nothing intrinsic in the American system to prevent a future
> Holocaust. Especially not when many Americans seem bent on disarming their
> neighbors, and dismantling the very check that Jefferson and the other
> Founders were attempting to build into our system with the plain words of
> the Second Amendment to the Constitution.
> I am left with the bleak conclusion that *no* attempt to hold the
> arrogance of government in check will work — because a majority of the
> people themselves are too easily seduced into abandoning their own
> institutional protections against tyranny by the false promises and
> poisonous dreams of statist propaganda.
> That is why I am an anarchist.

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On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 12:35 AM, David P Á <david at miradoiro.com> wrote:

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> I don't know what obsession people have with claiming RMS didn't want
> free software to succeed or wanted it to be kept in the lab, but
> apparently it's one of these myths that won't go away ever. Oh well.
> In the meantime ESR has been writing about how cultural Marxism has
> taken over the US, racism is not so bad, and sexual equality must be
> given up for the sake of higher birthrates lest Islam conquers the world.
> --David.
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