[Marxism] Imagine: If Mayor de Blasio Really Were a Socialist

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 10:16:56 MST 2014

I think the Conner/Smith piece makes a lot of great points, and for
agitational purposes has a good tone. It reminds me of the new Yates/Le
Blanc Freedom Budget book in the broad scope and convincing realism of its

It also overlaps with the approach described below in an excerpt from a
Labor Notes article on how unions can win referenda for higher taxes on the
rich; the article mentions a recent week of action to hold De Blasio to his
word (although from what I hear the week itself didn't turn out many

But: From a propagandistic viewpoint I think it's also important to point
out De Blasio's inevitable limitations and betrayals current and coming. In
that spirit I posted on Facebook some parallels to his hero La Guardia.
I'll forward that in a separate email to avoid clutter.


In New York City, unions and grassroots groups staged a week of action in
December, highlighting how the city could save more than $750 million: by
renegotiating the fees and high interest rates Wall Street charges to
manage billions of public dollars.

The protests were designed to reinforce new mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign
commitment to fighting inequality. De Blasio has pledged to raise taxes on
those making over $500,000 to pay for universal pre-kindergarten. But much
more revenue will be required if city workers intend to press him to settle
their long-expired contracts with back pay or raises.

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> Co-written by ex-SWP'ers, the largest group on the American left.
> http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/20858-imagine-if-mayor-de-blasio-really-were-a-socialist

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