[Marxism] The reactionary record of our new Mayor's hero

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 10:19:10 MST 2014

In his inaugural speech, New York’s new “progressive” Mayor, Bill De
Blabity Blah, held up his predecessor Fiorello La Guardia as an
inspiration. Below are some links to articles puncturing the mythology
surrounding that supposed friend of the masses, revealing the capitalist
forces behind him and detailing his anti-labor, anti-Black, pro-war record.

PS: If you hear the media going on and on about all the infrastructure,
parks, housing, etc. which La Guardia built, remember: 1) That was in a
period when the US economy was expanding and had already become top dog in
the global imperialist order; and 2) La Guardia, like his counterpart on
the national level, FDR, was trying desperately to forestall a rapidly
growing and radicalizing labor movement. And it must be remembered that the
main concern of both was to forestall growing Labor Party sentiment and to
corrupt and co-opt the Socialist and Communist parties.

If you read nothing else, read pages 1, 3, 4 and 6 at the link immediately
below. This issue of the revolutionary newspaper Socialist Appeal covers
the 1937 convention of the Socialist Party, in which the major domestic
issue was whether to continue the century-old tradition of labor political
independence, or instead to begin endorsing capitalist party candidates.
The reformist SP leadership threw out every revolutionist in the Party for
opting for the former (as well as for insisting on an internationalist
foreign policy):


La Guardia cuts relief (unemployment benefits) by 10%; was already below
subsistence level (sound familiar?). First page at:


La Guardia’s cops protect fascists against 50,000 workers who had come to
give them what for:


The specific capitalist forces behind La Guardia; page 4 at:


Capitalist media, Republican support for La Guardia:


A dissection of La Guardia’s rotten record on labor, war, fascism, Black
rights; page 4 at:


Workers Party mayoral campaign pamphlet calling for jobs for all and
analyzing La Guardia’s terrible record on that and other issues:


La Guardia tells unemployed to leave him alone, Stalinists and Social
Democrats cover up for him:


La Guardia tells transit workers they have no right to collective
bargaining as they’re “civil service”); second item at:


Transit workers threaten to strike, denounce La Guardia ’s “vicious,
yellow-dog, company-union plan”:


Exposure of his pro-boss, anti-labor, anti-Black, pro-war positions on
pages 4 and 5 at:


That’s certainly more than enough to set the record straight. But there’s
much more available on his strikebreaking attitude toward transit workers
and other unionists, his racism, his consorting with fascists, etc. by
doing a Ctrl+F for “La Guardia” or “LaGuardia” in these indices of the
Socialist Appeal:


Then substitute 1938, 1939 and 1940 in that link. Just the headlines are
enough to give you an idea of his reactionary policies and actions.

Same here:

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